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Payment Delay and Support!

Started by admin Feb 28th, 2022 at 18:40
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Feb 28th, 2022 at 18:40
Hello dear honorable members!

We're online since August 2021.Many of our members received ten, twenty payment from our site.Every time we try our we best.Now the Russian and Ukrainian Wars we get very small deposit.Because we have a lot of investors from Russia and Ukraine.All payment now will be delay for this reason but paid!
If you're trust to clixplanet please try to deposit now if you want or can.
From today we enable multiple account for investor.
I am an honest admin and want that clixplanet online very long time.
If your payment is delay but will be paid 100% sure.If you can support our site please try and we will never forget.If we get 300-500$ deposit we will remove the 5-7 days payment processing time.After all payment will be processed ASAP in the future.

Thank you for your trust and support,
Best regards,
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