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Special Ads Package
Published on Oct 17th, 2021 02:49 am

Hello ClixPlanet members,
Special Ads Package available.

Small - $17.00

1000 Paid to Click Credits
10000 Banner Ad Credits
10000 Text Ad Credits
100 Rented Referrals
Small Membership

Gold - $35.00

20000 Banner Ad Credits
20000 Text Ad Credits
200 Rented Referrals
Gold Membership

Mega - $70.00

50000 Banner Ad Credits
50000 Text Ad Credits
400 Rented Referrals
Mega Membership

Profi - $105.00

100000 Banner Ad Credits
100000 Text Ad Credits
500 Rented Referrals
Profi Membership

You can buy it Advertise --->Special Packages.


4000 Members Promo!
Published on Oct 13th, 2021 04:25 am

Hello dear members,
We have successfully reached 4000 members and paid over $359 our members.This big achievement.
Thank you for the all members the trust and support us.

Promo details:
Deposit: $2 - $20 Free Bonus 10% + Free 1 RR for each dollar deposit
Deposit: $21 - $50 Free Bonus 15% + Free 1 RR for each dollar deposit
Deposit: $51 - $100 Free Bonus 20% + Free 1 RR for each dollar deposit
Deposit: above $101 Free Bonus 25% + Free 1 RR for each dollar deposit

The Rewards % Bonus and free RR we will add to your account few hours.
Promo valid for 3 days.(16th October midnight server time.)

Best regards,

Welcome to ClixPlanet
Published on Aug 29th, 2021 04:54 am

Hello dear members!
Today ClixPlanet offically launched.
We are working hard on our platform to increase our quality and efficient services will achieve the satisfaction of each of you.

Earnings option:
-View Ads
Video Ads
-PTSU offers
-Cpx-Research offers
-Lootably offers
-Skippy Offers

Payment Processors:
Minimum payout is $2 for the all membership.
Rented referral cost start:$0.15

Rented referrals AVG:
Standard: 5,6
Small: 6,5
Gold: 7
Mega: 7,5
Profi: 8

Welcome Promo: Promo expired.
Deposit $5-50 and get 10% additional balance.
Deposit $51-100 and get 15% additional balance.
Deposit $101 or more and get 20% additional balance.

We are using legal evolutionscript licence and SSl certificate. Please read our terms of services and frequently asked questions sections, it is very important so that you fully understand how exactly our program works.

Best regards,

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